The Academy of Personal Training was created in the United States, and more precisely in Utah, at the end of the ‘90s. Today, almost everyone needs a mentor in order to exercise effectively, work on motivation to regular physical activity and at the same time a person, who will critically look at the exercise technique. This is the task of personal trainers from the Academy – they are supposed to give advice on how to perform exercises correctly, diversify you training and help to achieve viable sports goals, even if at the beginning they seem a bit unreal.  The small steps technique as well as great determination are the key issues almost to all sportsmen.

In the Academy of Personal Training, the main motivation to lead an active lifestyle and to make some changes in your eating habits are personal trainers. The clients need to know how important it is to change the way of thinking about daily cooking, proper proportions of the ingredients, using vitamins and minerals and the awareness of proper supplementation. Experienced specialists help in all of that. They motivate the clients to change the way of thinking about life, cooking and physical activity. Moreover, they advise on what supplements are appropriate for beginners. In the Academy, each participant may chose the level of exercises, their duration and also take advantage of valuable tips of personal trainers in order to make trainings more efficient and more satisfying. If you would like to extend your knowledge on proper supplementation, more effective trainings or just change your lifestyle to a more healthy one – join our academy.