In the Academy of Personal Training, our trainers know how supplements should work in order to make trainings more efficient. Therefore, they advise the clients of the Academy on how to use supplements, what to pay attention to in the final choice and how to eat every day. Moreover, the Academy focuses on making sportsmen aware how proper supplementation looks like and with the aim of this, they organize educational courses. Their aim is to increase the awareness in the groups of participants about using proper supplements and also to expand knowledge about what to pay attention to while choosing.

Personal training with additional and, most importantly, appropriate supplementation helps not only to motivate better to exercise, but also slightly accelerate achieving the effects. However, it is worth knowing that sole application of supplements may not be effective, unless you exercise regularly. Supplements are the products requiring physical activity, therefore it is worth remembering that only then they work and help to achieve effective results. What does joining the Academy of Personal Training gives you? First of all, a wide choice of activities at regular hours, professional advice of personal trainers during the training and after ending it, participating in free educational courses regarding supplementation and the development of your own skills. It is a great offer for those, who are still looking for a well-tried way to take care about themselves and want to start supplementation. If you don’t know how creatine or training boosters work – come to our classes.