In the offer of the Academy of Personal Training, all clients may find something for themselves – from basic activities with experienced instructors to more complicated exercises for advanced sportsmen, who already have knowledge about proper supplementation. In the offer of the Academy of Personal Training there are both individual trainings with personal trainers as well as group activities, thanks to which everyone will have greater motivation to train regularly and will get to know which supplements to take daily. The offer of the Academy, however, is very wide and everyone will find something appropriate. How do experienced trainers help you? First of all, they deal with professional consulting regarding dietary supplementation, they provide tips on how and when to exercise in order to achieve effective results and at the same time they share recipes thanks to which cooking will be a pure pleasure.

During selected activities, the trainers will watch you and the way you perform particular exercises. Thanks to all of this, they will be able to draw your attention to commonly made mistakes and make your training maximally effective and valuable. Moreover, taking part in the activities of personal training organized by the Academy is a great chance to meet new people, exchange experiences about dietary supplements with other sportsmen and also increase motivation regarding group trainings, if you have been feeling for some time that it is hard for you to get motivated to daily trainings on your own. It is also a great chance to get to know supplements in detail and find out the way they affect the organism.